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This is the Download Page!

Occasionally we get calls from people who hit the “Download Now” button, which brings them to this page and they end up scratching their heads since “nothing happened”.

Well, OpenNMS is supported on so many platforms that we don’t have a system (yet) to automatically download and start using the application. Thus you have to read this page and go to the tutorial referenced below to download OpenNMS for your platform.

Downloading OpenNMS

Due to the size, power and complexity of OpenNMS, there isn’t a “one click” download available. Please follow the instructions below to get the right software for your system.

Current Release Versions

There are always two versions of OpenNMS available: the stable or “production” release and the unstable or “development” release. Note that the term “unstable” refers to the amount of code that has changed and not the robustness of the software.

The current stable release is 1.12.9 (release notes).

The current unstable release is 1.13.4 (release notes).

If you wish to install a development snapshot of future 1.12 or 1.13 releases, see the “Choosing a Release” section of the tutorial for details.

Download and Install

To get started installing OpenNMS, check out the OpenNMS Tutorial. It will tell you everything you need to know about downloading the correct packages for your platform, installing OpenNMS, as well as walking you through basic configuration.

Get the Mobile Client

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Download the OpenNMS client for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in the iTunes Store. For details, see the wiki page.