Get Support

Free Support

OpenNMS is free software, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to a free solution. Like any good tool, the results improve when used by skilled hands, so an investment in time with OpenNMS can pay off.

There are a number of resources available to learn about OpenNMS.

  • Wiki: The main repository for OpenNMS knowledge can be found in the wiki. This is a community-driven website that allows any registered user to add, improve and modify the entries (think Wikipedia).
  • Discussion Lists: For a more interactive experience, try out the OpenNMS discussion lists. There is a list for new users (opennms-install), a general list (opennms-discuss) and a list for developers (opennms-devel). For just general updates and news on OpenNMS, subscribe to the announce list (opennms-announce) which is a moderated, low traffic list for project announcements.
  • JIRA: Issues with OpenNMS code are tracked in an instance of JIRA. Problems found with the code should be recorded there, and searching existing and closed bugs can help with diagnosing issues. Got a suggestion for OpenNMS? Enter a bug with a severity of “enhancement” and then vote for it. Enhancement bugs with the highest votes get the most attention.
  • IRC: Many members of the OpenNMS community can be found on an Internet Relay Chat channel on freenode. Download an IRC client, connect to “” and join “#opennms”.
  • OpenNMS Book: If you read the German language, get the community written OpenNMS book. Available from

Note: The OpenNMS Project is run by volunteers. Please be courteous when requesting help. Most of these people have other responsibilities. However, if you would like more traditional software support, keep reading.

Commercial Support

If you want the advantages of open source software but also want the ability to get help right now, a commercial option might work for you. It’s hard to yell and scream at volunteers (well, it’s not hard, it’s just not very useful) whereas someone you pay money to tends to be more responsive.

The OpenNMS Group, Inc. offers a number of support packages. Get help from the people who write the code.

While the wiki and mailing lists are very useful, sometimes formal training is what’s needed to make everything click into place.

Courses are taught by the same people who maintain the project. Not only are they experts on OpenNMS, they have used most of the major proprietary tools as well, and can demonstrate the analogous features in the OpenNMS application.

If you have training facilities, OpenNMS classes can be held at your location. We have taught all over the US and around the world. If you don’t have training facilities, classes are held in our state-of-the-art training center in scenic Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA.