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The OpenNMS Project Team Blogs:
Visit the Blog Aggregator [http://planet.opennms.org/ Planet OpenNMS]
* [http://blogs.opennms.org The Mouth of OpenNMS]
* [http://blogs.opennms.org/brozow/ In Progress]
* [http://blogs.opennms.org/dj/ One Hacker's Musings]
* [http://blogs.opennms.org/sartin/ An End-User's Diary]

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ProdOfYear Gold 2007.gif The open source OpenNMS takes home the gold award!!


ATTENTION: All OpenNMS developers and developer wannabees! After your Spring Vacations, pack your POJOs and join us for Dev-Jam 2007 where you'll get a Groovy OpenNMS shirt and we'll be Hibernating in plush digs @ UMN where we'll be getting down and dirty preparing for the launch of OpenNMS 2.0.

Register here: Dev-Jam 2007

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Visit the Blog Aggregator Planet OpenNMS