This Week in OpenNMS: April 25th, 2016

In the last week we worked on BSM, topology maps, the TSRM ticketing plugin, Slack and Mattermost notifications, Grafana, Compass, and Horizon 18 bug fixes.

Github Project Updates

  • Business Service Monitor and Topology Maps

This week was Jesse, Ronny, and Markus continued their work on wrapping up BSM for Horizon 18, with topology UI cleanups, documentation, and more bug squashing. Antonio’s fixes to the Enlinkd topology provider have also been merged into Foundation 2016 as of this morning.

  • TSRM Ticketing Plugin

Chandra’s IBM TSRM plugin works an this week he has been working on adding support for more field mappings between OpenNMS ticketing and TSRM.

  • Slack and Mattermost Notification Plugins

Jeff added support for Slack and Mattermost as notification targets. Additionally, the Mattermost plugin uses Mattermost’s enhanced markdown support for formatting.

  • Grafana 3.0 Plugin

Jesse re-engineered the OpenNMS Grafana plugin for Grafana 3.0. It is now available directly from the Grafana plugin marketplace so it no longer requires installing extra packages.

  • Compass

Compass 2.1.0 betas are progressing with a number of fixes and small improvements. The memory-usage crash has been squashed, and there are just a few more small things to tweak before I release it. If you’d like to help beta test, see the Compass web site.

  • Bug Fixes

A lot of other minor bug fixes have been going in in preparation for OpenNMS Horizon 18.

OpenNMS Horizon 18 Imminent

The BSM branch has been merged and we have a few more pull requests pending before we can branch for release. If you have a test setup, please give the OpenNMS 18 snapshots a try and let us know if you run into any issues; this is shaping up to be a really nice release. Just change your yum or apt configuration to use snapshot instead of stable and you’ll get the snapshot builds. When we branch for 18, snapshot will point to the release branch, rather than develop.

Upcoming Events and Appearances

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to <a href="

– Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last TWiO

  • HZN-645: IBM TSRM Ticketing Plugin
  • HZN-649: Load features/poller/monitors/core as an OSGi bundle
  • HZN-651: Prototype Atlas Topology Provider
  • HZN-652: Refactor ServiceMonitorLocator to use onmsgi to look up ServiceMonitors
  • HZN-662: Create an OSGI-INF blueprint to expose ServiceMonitors as OSGi services
  • HZN-666: Generate alarms for business services
  • HZN-703: Change blueprint-trapd-handler-minion.xml to use Minion ActiveMQ Component
  • HZN-710: The Threshold Function should be explained
  • HZN-711: Highest severity above is inclusive
  • HZN-713: Root cause and impact analysis should also show the entire map
  • NMS-6521: PageSequenceMonitor fails to unmarshal configuration
  • NMS-7792: NPE in JmxRrdMigratorOffline
  • NMS-7854: Translated events with a new UEI do not receive the description, severity and alarm-data of the new event if new UEI’s eventconf is present after original UEI’s eventconf
  • NMS-7872: 303 See Other on requisitions response breaks the usage of the Requisitions ReST API
  • NMS-7922: Null pointer exceptions with whitespace in requisition name
  • NMS-7976: Merge OSGi Plugin Manager into Admin UI
  • NMS-8041: Refactor Enhanced Linkd Topology
  • NMS-8080: VLAN name is not displayed
  • NMS-8096: JMX detector connection errors use wrong log level
  • NMS-8098: PageSequenceMonitor sometimes gives poor failure reasons
  • NMS-8129: Disallow restricted characters from foreign source and foreign ID
  • NMS-8330: Switching Topology Providers causes Exception
  • NMS-8334: Implement org.opennms.timeseries.strategy=evaluate to facilitate the sizing process
  • NMS-8336: Set the required fields when not specified while adding events through ReST
  • NMS-8337: Non-existing resources or attributes break JasperReports when using the Measurements API
  • NMS-8346: Add Mattermost and Slack notification strategies
  • NMS-8349: Update screenshots with 18 theme in user documentation
  • NMS-8366: OpenNMS Incompatible with Debian Stretch and Ubuntu 16.04
  • NMS-8371: The contents of the info panel should refresh when the vertices and edges are refreshed

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