This Week in OpenNMS - October 8th, 2018 - Integration API, Kafka and Karaf updates, Enlinkd, Helm, and more!

It's time for This Week in OpenNMS!

Last week we started work on a generic OpenNMS integration API, Kafka and Karaf feature updates, Enlinkd, Helm, and more.

Github Project Updates

  • Internals, APIs, and Documentation

    • Chandra worked on reloadable daemons some more.
    • Ronny continued his earlier work on cleaning up and refactoring the documentation.
    • Jeff changed JVM startup to enable the attach listener by default.
    • Jesse worked on creating a non-version-specific API for external tools to integrate with OpenNMS.
    • Marcel added new datacollection config and graphs for new APC devices.
    • Dustin continued to work on his branch to support multiple Netflow protocols on a single UDP port.
    • Ron fixed some errors in the documentation.
    • Matthew worked on improving Sentinel feature startup support.
    • Chandra added health check support for Kafka Sink & RPC.
    • Christian added timeouts to the VMware provisioner.
  • Web & UI

    • Antonio continued to work on refactoring Enlinkd and topology code.
    • I worked on improving the "Severity" column in Helm.

Upcoming Events and Appearances

Until Next Week…

If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about in a future TWiO, or you just have a comment or criticism you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to say hi.

- Ben

Resolved Issues Since Last TWiO

  • NMS-10294: LSB init script does not start Minion on Ubuntu/Debian
  • NMS-10330: Sentinel init scripts fail to start the Karaf instance
  • NMS-10371: Build tool to create a large tolology
  • NMS-10381: webpack build runs even if source files are unchanged
  • NMS-10384: Set JVM flag to start Attach listener by default
  • NMS-10387: Class paths for collectd selector strategy in documentation is not correct
  • NMS-10392: DNS Monitor doesn't allow for generally assumed parameters

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