Advanced Installation Guide

OpenNMS can be installed several operating systems. Otherwise you can run OpenNMS with different technologies to store and read time series data like RRDtool or Cassandra with Newts. You can find detailed installation instructions in the Install Guide section.

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The OpenNMS project divides its documentation up according to the role of the user.

  • It is helpful to start with the User Guide, which gives general insights into OpenNMS operations and concepts.
  • The Administrator Guide will help those who want to build or change the configuration of OpenNMS to implement new monitoring use cases or to perform general maintenance.
  • The Developer Guide provides all information required to change the OpenNMS source code.

This documentation is released and tied to specific OpenNMS versions and is part of the OpenNMS Source Code on GitHub.

User Guide

OpenNMS users tend to have a broad network monitoring skill set. This User Guide contains an overview of concepts and explains how to use OpenNMS for day-to-day monitoring.

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Administrator Guide

The Administrator Guide builds upon the foundation of the User Guide and explains how to use OpenNMS features and configurations to monitor services and applications.

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Developer Guide

Developers enhance and send patches to improve the OpenNMS platform. They can also contribute by submitting bug fixes or building new features like new collectors and monitors.

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OpenNMS Wiki

With the large variety of devices and applications you can monitor with OpenNMS, the Wiki provides space to share experience with How Tos and Tutorials to address specific use cases.

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