Quickstart install scripts work for most small network environments and get you quickly up to speed. Test new configurations or evaluate OpenNMS Horizon and Grafana with a pre-installed Vagrant basebox image with VirtualBox. If you want a more customized installation please go to our installation guides.

CentOS or RHEL

Install on CentOS / RHEL 64bit Linux

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Debian or Ubuntu

Install on Ubuntu / Debian 64bit Linux

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Windows Server

Install on a Microsoft Windows Server

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Get a ready-to-run Vagrant base image

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Configuration Management

Interested in running and maintaining OpenNMS with modern configuration management tools such as Chef or Ansible?

Please take a look at our repositories, which are built by the OpenNMS community:

If you maintain a module for OpenNMS and you want to be listed, please feel free and drop a note to the opennms-install mailing list.

Thank you for your contribution.