Quick Installation Guide

Debian and Ubuntu

Installation script installs all components of OpenNMS on a single machine and is ready to run. This setup works for most small environments. If you want a more customized installation, please see our installation guide.

The installation script is tested with Debian 9 "Stretch", Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Please make sure you have installed an OpenJDK 8 Development Kit or Oracle Java Development Kit installed. You find instructions in the Java installation section in our install guide.

The script requires systemd, sudo, gnupg, curl and wget to get OpenNMS Horizon installed on a minimal Debian system.

curl -L https://github.com/opennms-forge/opennms-install/archive/1.3.tar.gz | tar xz
cd opennms-install-1.3
bash bootstrap-debian.sh

OpenNMS can be started with systemctl {start,stop} opennms. The webapplication is available on http://your-host:8980/opennms. Default login for the webapplication is admin with password admin. Please change the default password immediately to a safe password by click on the user name in the top right navigation and choose Change Password.